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By Baking the Confidence it takes To get Mo' money,Find love & live a life w/o limits.

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MEET Andrea "Dr.Drea" Anderson

Entrepreneur, Thrive Life Coach, Creative

Spiritual Healer, Philanthropist and Motivational Speaker

Motivational Keynote Speaker, thrive coach & philanthropist creatively works with individuals that want to master every area of their life to thrive. She understands that limitations if worked through, can create the  birth of the legendary you. Just by being you and making all your dreams come true, you can make an influential impact in your whole world. She mentors with passion, guiding her clients to effectively strengthen and elevate their vision of life & themselves to new heights.

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Injecting a little sweetness in your life everyday can keep the stress away.

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Manifest Your Personal Freedom By Letting Your Confidence Do The Heavy Lifting

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