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The Phoenix Rising

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Here's The secret Sauce On How To rise Out of Circumstance And Shine Better Than Before! "Rise Phoenix Rise," she said boldy as she told all of her fears to transform into feathers on her wings. Sweetie Luv, This course will give you the benefits of: *Clarity on what to heal (sifting and itemizing circumstances) *Turning fears into strengths (Transformation) *New (Energetic) Identity *Create a Continual Ascension shift (Practice plan) Why? Because...We are not our weaknesses but we are are our strengths. The things that we have been through molded us into who we are to day..would you agree? Even if it's true, it's not always easy to hear. Sometimes life can kick our asses so hard that it's not always easy to just get back up. So if you've ever got your ass kicked by circumstances like domestic violence, toxic relationships, any kind of past trauma, 'FDS' Father Daughter Syndrome and so much more, then you came to the right place. The Phoenix Rising course is about empowering you to the best the version of yourself despite the circumstances that you've been through. This course is an introduction the transformation of the new you. Take yourself to your next level because you deserve it. See you on the inside Sweetie luv

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